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Empowering women to reconnect with their intuition through creativity.

 Lets discover your authentic creative nature


  • Are you constantly battling the feeling of not being enough?



  • Do you feel like most of your potential is being met by resistance?



  • Do you long to reclaim your voice, creative expression or your power back?



  • Is the fear of being seen, heard and known crippling at times?



  • Maybe you've already began healing some perfectionist tendency and crave more flow in your daily life?








If you answered yes to most of those questions, I'm here to share that I have been there too.


The good news is I am here to guide you through some self exploration.





I used to always be the friend cheering everyone else on but always staying on the side lines. Sadly because of my self limiting beliefs and my crippling fear that I was never enough I stayed where I was safe but completely miserable. Sound familiar?


Creativity has always been part of my DNA but I limited myself with preconceived judgements and feelings of being stuck by my belief systems. Five years ago I discovered intuitive art processing and I now love playing with art with no limits and curiosity. It is also become a great joy to get to create the life I want out of flow and confidence.



This is a practice that I would love to share with you. If you want shift your perspective into one that is more aligned with who you were before resistance held you back. 

I am on a journey just like you and a forever student in this beautiful life.

The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work to be yourself. -Anna Quindlen

Women painting on beach

Current offerings

Image by Khara Woods
Image by Matthieu Jungfer
Image by Amauri Mejía
Six week Art
Processing journey
One on one Art processing
Intuitive Painting workshops
  • Come and awaken your inner freedom to express, by getting more familiar with living from your intuition.


  • This six week journey will be specially crafted for each unique individual.


  • It's a sacred time to self discover your inner world, who you are and what inspires you.


  • By investing this time in yourself and your creativity you will discover new ways of living that are more beneficial to you.


  • This is your time. I am simply here to guide, listen and support you through your art processing.


  • With the tools I will be sharing you may begin having more clarity around areas you feel stagnant, expand in your self discovery and growth in your self love.


  • Claim your individuality + power back.

  • Let's carve out a time to create together.


  • Some magic seems to happen when we get to express ourselves freely with others and mutually share our process. 


  • This time is for you to have accountability in your personal creative practice, to have some playful time to create or establish community with like minded people.


Want to know more?

Are you feeling ready to make an investment in yourself?
Let's connect!
About me

Meet your guide,


Allow me to introduce myself my name is Monique, I am your


Intuitive Creativity coach. 


I am so excited to get the opportunity to connect and explore your innate nature through intuitive guidance. I am one who is taught by natures organic flow, resilience, peace and presence. I am a lover of all living things and an admirer of everyday beauty. My life has been quite the adventure of ebbs and flows in discovering myself and coming back home to my true DNA. I have deconstructed my life many times in order to find what felt like a true fit. It is my passion to guide other women, and  empower them in their authenticity.  I believe that healing is not linear but ever evolving/moving. and well lets face it, messy. 

I began tapping into my intuition through my art processing journey which has transformed my life in the many ways that you might have read above.


But most importantly  it has taught be how to listen more to the small quiet voice and guided me more into my feminine and true identity.  Many times fear , survival and self limiting beliefs can silence that beautiful intuition and that's where the inner work might begin. I am here for it all of the messy beautiful ever changing deep dives. I hope that we can celebrate that journey together!


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